Our Strategy

When was the last time you left a seminar with something you could use right away? When was the last time you referenced the powerpoint from a seminar you attended in the past?

Were your most valuable learning moments in a continuing education lecture?

Ours weren’t either. When we designed the Confident Clinician we had two goals in mind: information just in time and information just in case.

Just in time information acknowledges that clinicians add to their already broad base of knowledge year over year. As a clinician in our community, you will continue to add to your depth of knowledge on subjects you are passionate about. Our lectures, podcasts and teachings build on each other to help you feel a true sense of mastery and confidence. 

Just in case information acknowledges that you may not see every clinical scenario in a week working with patients, but still require access to trustworthy resources that will help you in a time of need. Our searchable database gives you content at your fingertips that will help you navigate challenging cases, new concepts and unique patients. Our community also supports the growth of other clinicians through our Expert Clinician mentorship program and online forum.

How it Works

Members of the Confident Clinician have access to our ongoing educational content and member resources including: 

  • Monthly live webinars on various topic themes
  • Monthly practice modules delivering plug-and-play resources on the topic of interest. Examples include EMR templates, patient handouts, reference lists, checklists, calculators, 
  • Monthly business growth podcasts and resources to help support the rest of your practice
  • Monthly AMA (ask me anything) style podcasts supported by our educators on clinical queries submitted by our community. 
  • 2 intensive courses per year that offer 2 day deep-dives into complex clinical problems.
  • Exclusive member pricing on Advanced Training courses offered by our education team.

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