Doing the Research

so you don’t have to.

Doing the


so you don’t

have to.

What We Do

The Confident Clinician supports integrative medicine practitioners by handing them patient protocols and research to give them their time back and get their patients better. We keep busy clinicians connected to the every-changing evidence so they can stay informed and be confident about clinical decision making.

If you want to save time and be effective in practice, you need a trusted resource. 

Our Database

With over 6000 resources including webinars, diagnostic checklists, handouts, protocols and templates, our database covers medical topics including women’s health, mental health, cardiovascular health, dermatology, gastroenterology, obesity medicine and more.

Our resources provide the templates and done-for-you content you can put in your practice today. Whether you’re niched or a general practitioner, every clinician needs a resource to turn to in the moment, or when you need additional support in an area of your work.

Our Educators

The Confident Clinician is a clinician owned and operated education platform. We do not accept industry funding, sponsorship or brand affiliations. Our mandate is to provide our clinicians unbiased and evidence-based resources and tools for their everyday practice needs.

Our educators are experts in their field and have the combination of clinical experience and research driven expertise you’re looking for. We’ll help you stay up to date and confident in your patient plans without having to do the research yourself.

Our Promise

Integrative practitioners who value being evidence based, but who don’t have the time to do research on their own need a trusted resource to deliver them the best of what we have to offer our patients. Practitioners work in silos alone, without support, or a central line to connect them to evolving literature in our field.

Until now.

We promise to be the trusted, up to date resource to help you solve your biggest practice challenges.


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