Our Programs

Your time is worth everything

Whether you are just starting out or have been in practice for years, you don’t have time to reinvent the wheel with every condition that crosses your path. We have experts in our community who will educate you on their craft, share their experience and deliver the highest quality of practice standards to help you feel confident in your own work.

The Confident Clinician Club

The Confident Clinician Club is a membership program that delivers monthly clinical modules and intensive learning opportunities to our community.  Buying a membership is the greatest value for connecting with our work and solving your biggest practice problems. Club members have access to hundreds of past recordings and modules, templates, protocols and resources.

Members also have the opportunity to join live coaching calls and webinars and can connect with our community in our online forum.

The Confident Clinician Intensives

The Confident Clinician Intensives are clinical deep dives on topics that matter to you. We’ve designed our intensives to feel like a “practice in a box” style learning, that you can insert into your practice right away.  Intensives are focused on 1 topic and are available for CE depending on your province or state.

Members get access to 2 intensives per calendar year as part of their membership. Intensives are only accessible during your active membership with The Confident Clinician.

Advanced Training Courses

Our advanced training courses are intended to further your knowledge in various domains and move you from confidence to mastery.

Advanced Training courses are offered at a discounted rate for Confident Clinician Members and further enrich our offerings to our community. Courses are offered in a variety of formats from didactic to tutorial based learning. Advanced Training courses that are purchased have continued access after your membership has lapsed.

The Fellowship

Our exclusive leadership programs allow clinicians to develop clinical and business mastery. These clinicians are leading the way for future Intensive programs and are behind the development of many of our Clinical Care Documents published at The Confident Clinician. These high-level opportunities are exclusive to existing members of The Confident Clinician. Members of our leadership programs have been a member for at least 12 months. 

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