Our Courses

Our courses aren’t like other courses you’ve taken.

Yes you can get credits for most of our courses, but getting a check mark has never served you in your actual day job, has it?

Our courses are designed to be a “practice in a box”, where you can download handouts, templates, protocols, letters, documents, full text articles and more. As you listen you’ll feel yourself changing your approach with your patients, updating your EMR templates (we give you those too) and deepening your understanding of each topic well beyond what you currently know.

That’s what makes a Confident Clinician.

    10-12 Hour Advanced Practice Training

    Advanced Practice MHT:

    Comprehensive Training in Menopausal Hormone Therapy

    CE Available : 12

    Cost: $649

    Menopause Practice:

    Bone Health, Cardiovascular Disease, and Cognitive Changes  

    CE Available: 10

    Cost: $499

    The Cholesterol Course:

    Lipidology Essentials for the Evidence-Based Clinician

    CE Available: 10

    Cost: $649

    Sports Medicine Update:

    Supporting Athletic Patients Across the Lifespan

     CE Available: 12

    Cost: $459

    Integrative Fertility:

    Improving Outcomes with Evidence-Based Protocols

    CE Available : 10

    Cost: $499

    Advanced Pregnancy Care:

    Supporting Your Pregnancy Patients in Practice

    CE Available: 10

    Cost: $579

    Comprehensive Postpartum Management 

    and Evidence-Based Lactation Support

    CE Available: 12

    Cost: $579


    from Research to Practice 

     CE Available: 8

    Cost: $499

    Mastering Sleep Medicine

    Integrative and Evidence-Based Solutions for Insomnia & Sleep Disturbances

    CE Available: 10

    Cost: $527

    5-8 Hour Advanced Practice Training

    Rheumatic Autoimmune 101:

    An evidence-based approach to rheumatic autoimmune conditions

    CE Available: 5

    Cost: $227

    The Mediterranean Diet Workshop:  

    CE Available: 4

    Cost: $199

    The Eating Behaviours Workshop:

    From DSM to Diet Culture

    CE Available: 4.5

    Cost: $249

    The Myths, Misinterpretations & the Reality of Constipation

    CE Available : 5

    Cost: $249

    The IV Refresher Course

    Research Update, Emergency Procedures Review and Practical Skills Exploration

    CE Available: 6

    Cost: $449

    SIBO Demystified

    From Testing To Treatment (and Everything In between)

    CE Available: 4.75

    Cost: $249

    CE Available: 4.5

    Cost: $249

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